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  • Better ROI

    Explainer video turns up between 75 to 95% return on investment. Overall online video consumption has risen by 800% in the last 5 years; this doesn’t appear to be slowing down any time soon.!

  • Engaging

    Videos increase people’s understanding of your product or service by an average of 74%. This means that you have almost twice as much chance of making your audience realize the value of what your business can offer.  

  • More eyes

    33% of online activities are spent watching videos. Correlatively, this would indicate that of the 80 million (at the average) people who are concurrently online at any given second, 27 million of them are watching videos. Yes, 27 million people are watching online videos as you read this sentence!.



 Explainer videos are perfect for:

  • • Promoting your brand our Product, • Coverting Your Website/Blog Content into Video .

  • • Explaining what your business/website is all about and how it works

  • • Promoting Your Affiliate Programs with Video • Educational purposes

  • • Corperate purposes • Seo/Marketing Services




Explainer videos and their importance has been revealed to many. Click below to view more.

  1. Effectively Engage Your Audience

    Do you still make use of long sales letters, boring power-point presentations or plain videos to deliver your message? Why not STAND OUT from your competitors. Your whiteboard explainer video will make your business or project peculiar and deliver your message with clarity, creating and as well enhancing your brand awareness.

  2. A Worthy Impression

    Your viewers or audience will likely remember up to 69% and even more of your content than boring old fashion images & text. The scribing illustrations of our explainer videos are super captivating.

  3. Engagement

    Over time, Video has been proven to be the best and more effective way to drive visitors and prospects to your site, business or office. Other media like pod-casts, polls, Images, charts e.t.c. are nice and good but nothing engages and motivates your audience or pre-qualified buyers/prospects more than videos.

  4. The Charm

    A good whiteboard animation entertain your audience while delivering your message. Also humor relaxes the visitor…while feeling comfortable and at peace, the buying mode will then come with more ease. Talk about the “subconscious mind thing”

  5. Increase Online Presence

    Videos now occupy the first page of Google, it’s easier ranking a website though video than any other method. With a good video, you can bring in organic targeted traffic to your website/business. Google will serve you your prospective customers.