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2d explainer video



  • Boost Conversion Rates

  • Explain Your Message Clearly

  • Reduce Visitor Abandonment

  • Increase Search Visibility

  • Captivating Presentation

  • Engaging Animation

  • Great for TV, Websites and more

  • Professional Explainer Video Service

  • Cheaper Than The Best & Better Than The Rest!

Our Prices are re-seller based, so you get the cheapest rate!
If you doubt us, ask Google! 😛


1. -> Colored Whiteboard Animation
– Price Starts @ $60 per 30 secs

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vidphoria explainer video 1




2. -> Whiteboard Doodle Animation
– Price Starts @ $110 per 30 secs

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whiteboard doodle video

Whiteboard Doodle Animation



3. -> Infographics/MotionGraphics 2D Cartoon Explainer
– Price Starts @ $180 per 30 secs

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2D Infographics video animation

Infographics/MotionGraphics 2D Cartoon Explainer



4. -> 2D Cartoon Character Animation

– Price Starts @ $110 per 30 secs

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2D cartoon character animation

2D Cartoon Character Animation



5. -> 2D Infographics/MotionGraphics Business Explainer
– Price Starts @ $180 per 30 secs

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explainer video animation

2D Infographics/MotionGraphics Business Explainer



 6. -> 2D Whiteboard Animation

– Price Starts @ $110 per 30 secs

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2d whiteboard animation

2D Whiteboard Animation



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A video animation consists of a script/storyboard, a voiceover and/or a background music and then the animation.

Stage 1 – Script Creation ->  (2 days to prepare)

We work with professional script writers, so we’ll request certain details/info about your business. After writing the script, we will send it over to you, and wait for your approval before moving to the voiceover production stage. Script will be open to modifications.

Stage 2 – Voice-Over Production -> (1 day to prepare)

We also work with professional voice talents for the voice-over (narration). This can be done in any language/accent/gender. We are going to spice up the video with a royalty free background soundtrack/music.

Stage 3 – Video Production -> 5-9 days, depending on projects at hand.

After getting the script and voiceover, we then begin the animation as we work out the illustrations/storyboard from the script. We’ll make your perfect video and deliver in Full HD, ready for TV broadcast. Videos will be uploaded to googledrive or youtube.

Stage 4 – Distribution/Promotion (Optional) +$50-$100, depending on the package you choose.

Video promotion/marketing of your business/products/service through YouTube, Facebook, Twitter etc. with the right keywords/audience for your business, we will help serve you video and your business/product/service in front of your prospects/customers and also rank your video for the right keywords on Google & YouTube. You’ll get 100% engaged prospects/customers.

Videos will be delivered in High Definition and in MP4 or any format you desire, uploaded to google drive.